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Unwind Therapeutic Candle

Unwind Therapeutic Candle

Unwind Therapeutic Candle

 The magical combination of rose, lavener and ylang ylang will unwind the tightest of coils. Peppermint will give you a little zing to boost your energy levels and act as a pick me up when you need it most. Argentum Not will release fears and anxieties while ignatia amara will still those internal conflicts. Chamomilla Vulgaris will help to release feelings of hurt and anger. Nux vomica will support your nervous system and adrenals.

These holistic health and lifestyle products are all handcrafted in small batches, so you can enjoy something special.  Care is taken to consider the physical, mental and emotional aspects requiring support, and we love combining all things natural to offer you a beautiful, effective product.

These candles are made from soy wax with a double wick providing 25hrs of holistic therapeutic support.

"Your angels are watching over you.

You have a divine love within you.

You are supported.

You are light and love."


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