Property Styling

“To Bec,
many thanks or the furniture and styling on the property. It was really very lovely. You and your team are very good at what you do”
- Property Investor

At Tailored Space Interiors we work with developers, home builders, real estate agents and directly with home owners to specifically design, decorate and furnish homes which are about to be placed on the real estate sales market in Tweed Heads, Byron Bay and Gold Coast. Why sell a vacant property in a competitive real estate market? Give your property the best chance to shine.
Allow it to have the ‘WOW’ factor it deserves.

  • We specifically select furniture pieces to compliment the property.
  • We take detailed floor plans and make best use of the space available to furnish.
  • We will create any look required on almost any budget, our packages are designed to suit all properties.
  • All packages are available for sale upon completion of hire.

Why Property Styling Works:

  • It is an investment. Our goal is to help you achieve
    an increased return through creating beautifully styled homes, helping you achieve a quick sale for a higher price.
  • Makes for great photos. Great photos are what draw potential buyers to click on your property for sale on and other real estate websites. 
  • Improves the look of quality to the home. Replacing old furniture with new, modern furniture can transform a home.
  • Selecting the right furniture for each room can help make the space look bigger and show off the homes best features.
  • Inspections will last longer, as buyers will have more to look at and be able to enjoy the spaces created.
  • Buyers are inspired & can envision themselves living and entertaining in the home.


Why should I style my home to sell?

Most potential buyers will by from the heart, this means that to furnish and style a home that is visually appealing to the masses is very important.

A lot of people cannot visualise themselves living in a home that is completely empty or partly furnished. This will, as a result, impact their decision whether or not to put in an offer for the purchase of the home.

How do I get a quote?

Simply call us on 07 5523 9825 or email We will go over the size of your home, including living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and any outdoor furniture you may require to show your homes best features. From there we will email you a Proposal that will go over everything that was needed as well as a quote for the job.

Will someone meet me at my home before I get a proposal?

Generally we will email a proposal to style and furnish a property before we will do a site visit. Once the proposal price is approved by the home owner, we will than schedule an appointment to go to the property to go over colour scheme & style and than proceed to book the install of the furniture.

What if I want to use some of my own furniture?

Tailored Space Interiors can customise quotes to suit the property owner. Whether you only want us to partly furnish your property or simply add accessories, we can accommodate you.