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Holiday Letting Preparation

No matter how great your property, if it’s poorly marketed and managed you won’t fetch the rate you’re after. Furnish and style your home to cater for a broad market. 

Keep it simple, fresh and inviting. Make sure that your holiday listing is presenting a WOW to the market place. Make sure your professional photo's are top notch..... Spread the word never know who is likely to talk up your home for you. 

Put yourself in the shoes of the tenant. While an attractive home is important, a holiday home has to fit the needs of holiday makers. When it comes to furniture, keep it simple, low maintenance, bright and tidy. The last thing renters want is to worry about is spilling red wine on an expensive couch or dusting ornaments in the house.

It’s also important to ensure the basics of the property are in good working order. Families with pets will pay a premium to bring their pooch on holiday so investing in good fencing is a smart move. Protecting any potential hazards in the house such as outdoors stairs will also be appreciated by families with kids.

Finally, keep in mind that people go on holiday to enjoy life’s creature comforts so investing in services such as air-conditioning and a dishwasher can sometimes sway renters to pay a higher rate.


 Holidays are all about family and friends, and when it comes to holiday homes, the more people it can fit, the merrier.  A house that can sleep at least two families of four means they can share the cost of letting a more luxurious home and significantly broadens your renter market for the entire year.

Thoughtful details can be the icing on the cake for holiday makers searching for that home away from home. You’d be surprised how many people value take-away menus on the fridge door and a guestbook with a local’s tips on the best places to eat out. Likewise, a deck of cards, board games, and boogie boards, pool toys and a frisbee in the shed are nice added touches to the house. Making your renters feel more at home will encourage repeat business and set you up for a fruitful, year-long operation.

Planning your home for holiday makers can be a daunting task, why not let Tailored Space Interiors help take all the 'Hard' work out of it for you. We are a team of experienced 'Holiday Home" leavers..... it can be STRESS free. 

It's simple, cost effective and very achievable if you know some simple tricks of the trade..... Call us today to find out more....Consultations with recommendations start from as little as $250.00.