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2019 Interior Trend Predictions Selected By Our Designers | Gold Coast Interior Design

by Bec Lawson |

Firstly, let’s start off with a trend that our designers unanimously agree has had its day…

Hamptons is done.

After being a popular interior trend for what seems like the last decade… Hamptons will be no more in 2019. Our designers feel that even in the first few weeks of 2019, this interior style isn’t as highly sought after as it has been in previous years.

"We are seeing less of the Hamptons colour palette coming through in our supplier’s products and interiors and evidence of the ‘hampton’s hype’ has all but disappeared" explains Kristy Peard, Tailored Space Interior Designer. "We’re not sorry. We’re looking forward to working with more versatile interiors in 2019."

The Coral Comeback!

After gaining a bad reputation in the 80’s after being extremely over-done, we feel that it is finally time for this colour to make it’s comeback! Coral can stimulate energy and positivity and subtle splashes throughout a design can instantly brighten, refresh and bring life to any space.

"We're surprised it hasn't come around sooner!" - Dani Teefy, Tailored Space Showroom Manager & Interior Designer.

The Coral Comeback - 2019 Interior Trend Predictions

Photo: Tailored Space Interiors Tweed Heads Showroom

Less is more – Minimal living

We are seeing a surge in the interior world all about minimal living. We’re seeing spaces purposely left untouched, simply because the home ‘didn’t need it.’ Minimal design can reduce stress as a clear, clean house has equal effect on your headspace. It also allows you to rest easy and relax knowing that you're not wasting hard earned money filling your home with mindless clutter... 

Gone are the days when we had to fill every single empty space on the shelf with a book or homeware product. The days of making sure that every corner of the home has a piece of furniture, floor lamp or artwork are in the past and best left there. 

Minimal Living - 2019 Interior Trend Predictions

Photo sourced from Pinterest

Conscious Living – Eco-Friendly Fabrics and Homewares

2018 was a big year for opening people’s eyes to ‘conscious living.’

You’ve probably noticed that ‘linen’ fabric has become a massive trend in the fashion world… the interior design industry followed closely behind to this trend. Linen & cotton fabrics are a much more organic, natural and sustainable fibre as opposed to the man-made fibre of polyester. These highly sustainable fabrics have already been heavily requested and we’re still in January!

There is a lot of education out there now about where a product comes from, what it’s made of and who made it. 2019 is going to be an even bigger year when it comes to using sustainable pieces throughout interiors. 

"Mass produced pieces will be exchanged for more unique and sustainable products." - Sam Goldsmith, Tailored Space Interior Designer.

Photo: Tailored Space Interiors Tweed Heads Showroom

Green Interiors

Pantone says that ‘green’ is back… but did it ever leave?! We're predicting 2019 is going to have everyone going gaga for green!

Green can be incorporated into almost any room if used correctly. We will see a lot of spaces this coming year introducing indoor plants to make a room feel natural and light whilst adding depth and colour. Green will begin to grace many feature walls in homes and make its way onto a wide range of accent tiles and lush fabrics!

Photo: Tailored Space Interiors Tweed Heads Showroom

Green Interiors - 2019 Interior Trend Predictions

Photo sourced from Pinterest.

Mixed Metals

2017 and 2018 were massive years for incorporating rose gold into design themes! Now 2019 will be the year to mix more unexpected styles, patterns and colours and as interiors are getting braver and bolder, we feel that something that will be highly desired and requested will be styled mixed metals among the 3 F’s. Fixtures, finishes and furnishings. 

In addition to trending finishes we’re also predicting a surge in…

Gun Metal Finishes

We reached out to a Leading Plumbing, Bathroom & HVAC Supplier, Reece Plumbings & Bathrooms to get their opinion on the topic:

“The trend for coloured tapware has been growing upwards and onwards over the past few years, from gold and matte black progressing into metallic finishes such as gunmetal, rose gold and brushed nickel. The gunmetal finish we’ve seen infiltrate many of our partnerships, particularly through The Block and in online renovations series like Alisa and Lysandra’s Design Duo Series. With such a large following, it’s no surprise that the trend continues to grow throughout Australia.

When working with greys, gunmetal becomes a harmonious addition, and is sometimes not even selected to stand out, but to add depth and blend into the room’s style. With the rise of organic finishes and textures like solid surface in baths and basins for a somewhat industrial feel, gunmetal is a perfect partner to continue the organic, raw aesthetic of the bathroom.”

Gun Metal Finishes - 2019 Interior Trend Prediction

Photo sourced from Pinterest.

We’d love to know what your predictions are for 2019 and how you will be styling your interior! 


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