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Cosy Up for the Cool Season

by Tailored Space Interiors |

The days are getting a little shorter, the air is cooling off a smidge and Autumn is officially just around the corner! 

It is of course well known that for us folks here on the sunny Gold Coast the official Autumn season takes a little longer to fully kick in than for our more southern cousins. However, it just means we get that little bit more time to prepare! 

So whether you're in an area of the world where Autumn feels as though it's already well and truely hitting or, like us it's a little further off, we're here to help get you prepared! 
We're going to take you through some of our favourite quick and easy ways to bring the cosy into your home this cool season and help you warm up your space (literally and figuratively) just in time for the leaves to change! 

1. 'Warm' Colour Palette
Switching out some of those key decor pieces to incorporate a more warm toned colour palette is a great way of bringing the cosy Autumn vibes. Think those typical earthy autumn colours - reds, oranges, ambers, dark greens and browns. Easily introduced in your artwork, throws, cushions, decor pieces etc! 


2. Throw Blankets and Cushions 
As the weather cools off it's the perfect time to switch out those light, flowy throws for something a little heavier. Think thick chunky knits and fleece lining. 
This also goes for cushions too! Adding some statement cushions in those warm colours (we talked about above) in soft velvets and woven textures - not only are the comfy and cosy, but paired with your chunky throws they'll look fabulous too!



3. Floor Rugs
Much like your throws, swapping out those thinner, summery floor rugs for the thicker pile, warm toned ones helps to bring extra (literal) warmth into your space. With a range of rugs out there in various textures and weaves, and in a variety of colours, it's quick change that is not only cosy for your toes but they look great too! 


4. Candle Light
Definitely one of our favourite cosy additions... not only do they create a beautiful, cosy and calming atmosphere (and a little romance too!) but they also come in a range of gorgeous scents as well.
When choosing a 'cosy' candle, think of those deeper, natural woody scents. Great options include anything with musk, amber, spices (cinnamon bark, bergamot etc).
Plus, the added bonus with autumn/winter scented candles is the fact they are often packaged in beautiful amber or black coloured glass - perfect to tie in with the 'warm-toned' colour palette. 


5. Artwork 
The perfect finishing touch to 'cosy'ing' up your home, is bringing in some new art pieces that incorporate those warm Autumn tones. The best thing to do is match the colours in your artwork to those seen throughout your soft furnishings and decor - this will help create a cohesive and sophisticated look. 

With a variety of art pieces out there - whether painted abstract, photographed or drawn, there's sure to be one that matches your overall style, in a colour to suit your new cosy autumn/winter decor. 



So, with fluffy socks at the ready, and a few quick and easy adjustments, you'll have your place prepped and cosy right in time for the cool change. 

Click here to shop our full range of decor and soft furnishings, or come by our showroom to see these items in person - we'd be happy to help get you Autumn ready! 

Our showroom is open Monday - Friday from 9:00am - 5:00pm, and Saturdays 9:00am - 12:30pm.
We are located at 1/13-21 Greenway Drive, Tweed Heads South, NSW
(opposite BCF). 

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