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How To: 'Prevent clutter in your house' with Nicole from Euro Marble

by Tailored Space Interiors |

This week on the blog, Nicole Andrews contributed a piece on how to prevent clutter in your home. She is the marketing manager for Euro Marble in Melbourne and has a passion for all things interior. We loved working with her to bring this piece to life. Keep reading for her top tips!

Do you know those clutter-free spaces you see in home decoration magazines? They are inviting and comfortable, and we’d love for our homes to be just like that all the time.

However, in the real world, it is difficult to keep up with the stuff you own and need to organise. Moreover, things become even more complicated when kids and pets are around.

Still, while your home may never look perfectly put together, there are ways to keep the mess under control. Today we’ll list several tips and tricks for a clutter-free life, that can be implemented in any home without too much effort.

Try to Buy/Own Fewer Things

When you don’t have that many things around the house, there’s less clutter. This is a no brainer, but it’s not always that easy to accomplish.

For instance, if you can adopt the core principles promoted by minimalism, it will become easier to avoid having things scattered all over the house. Still, not everyone is happy with this trend, since it promotes the idea of spaciousness over comfort and coziness. Furthermore, each person envisions their living space differently, so minimalism can mean different things for different people.

But, if you are stricter when it comes to making new purchases and you sort out the things you already own, there will be less to move around and maintain.


photo sourced from Tailored Space Interiors Portfolio 

Practice Purging

As we get settled in one place or as the family grows, there are always things that are left behind. Whether we’re talking about old items of clothing or products we no longer use, they occupy space and collect dust around the house.

Purging should be done seasonally or at least twice a year and should be focused around getting rid of things that are not useful anymore. You can either donate or recycle them, but they should not be cluttering your home.

Quick note: pay close attention to closets (yours and the kids), the kitchen, the pantry, the linen closet, and toy boxes. Usually, anything that can be used for storage should be purged once in a while.


photo sourced from Tailored Space Interiors Portfolio 

Have a Junk Drawer/Closet

One way to get rid of clutter in your home is to accept it in your life. Let’s face it; you’ll never be able to have everything in perfect order, which is why it’s best to create special areas where things can be messy.

Now, depending on the size of your house and the type of things you own, you may need a junk drawer or a junk closet. Here you’ll store all the things that don’t have a specific place in the house and don’t really fit anywhere.

However, make sure to schedule at least one purge per year as these locations can get full quite easily if you don’t keep the situation under control.


photo sourced from Tailored Space Interiors Portfolio 

Keep the Countertops Clean

This is mostly about the kitchen (and maybe the bathroom), but it also works for a home office desk or any tables in the house. 

The idea is to avoid having things out in the open if you don’t use them every day. For instance, in the kitchen, you should have special storage spaces for the condiments, kitchenware, small appliances, pots, and so on. You can leave the toaster and coffee machine out if you know you’re going to use them every morning, but the space looks a lot better with a clean countertop.


photo sourced from Tailored Space Interiors Portfolio 

Tidy Up as You Go

Isn’t this the advice our moms used to give? Yes, it is; but it’s also the best tip for a clutter-free house you’ll ever going to get!

When you tidy up as you work (on a project or in the kitchen), you won’t have that much cleaning to do when everything is done. Furthermore, if you teach the kids to do the same, it will be easier to keep the space organised and cleaning days will require less effort from your side.

Quick tip: When you tidy as you go, you don’t even need to have a stock of cleaning supplies at the ready. There are lots of natural home remedies for quick cleaning that can save the day and allow you to enjoy a freshly-organised home.


photo sourced from Tailored Space Interiors Portfolio 

Avoid Too Many Organisers

There’s a paradox here: the more you want to stay organised, the more you’re in danger of bringing clutter into your life.

Organisers can be effective, and you should own a few for your home and vehicles, but you need to know when to stop. If you find yourself attracted to every box, tray, or hanger, then you need to take a step back and analyse your habits.

For instance, if your countertops and tables are littered with trays and small boxes that hold a lot of junk stuff, you have a problem. In fact, the more trays you have, the more useless things you are going to stash!

Do an inventory of your current organisers and make sure they all have a purpose in your home. The ones that are there just to be there need to go!


photo sourced from Tailored Space Interiors Portfolio 

Have a Designated Spot for Everything

When you know where everything is supposed to go, your home will be forever clutter-free! 

Well, maybe not forever, but most days.

The idea is to have a place for everything that’s in your home. This means a special spot for the mail, a special closet (or location) for footwear, enough storage space in the kitchen, and so on. Every item in your home should have a well-defined location, and everyone inhabiting the house should know it.

This way, when something is out of place, it’s easy just to put it back.

As you can see, it’s not too difficult to keep things under control. However, you need to be proactive about it and always look for new ways to free up your space from things you don’t need or use anymore.

Keep in mind that everyone in the house needs to pitch in! The effort to maintain a clean and organised living space is a team project, so integrate it into your kids’ education. It will teach them about structure in life and will become part of their habits as adults.


Author Bio: Nicole Andrews is the marketing manager for Euro Marble in Sydney, Australia. With a background in interior design, she enjoys writing about the latest industry trends. In her spare time, she walks her dog Rusco down at Bondi Beach. 

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