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Interior Design Tips | Small Space Living

by Adam Wright |

Working with small spaces can be tricky... So here's a few tips & tricks that will help you manage your space and even make it look bigger:

Once you have chosen a style & colour scheme for the space, stick with it. Try to avoid adding too many different coloured furniture pieces, instead use homewares & art work to bring in colours.
Do not put any space to waste. The inside of kitchen cabinets can he used for additional storage. You can also add drawers beneath your kitchen sink. 
Choose the larger pieces of furniture very carefully. Don't be afraid to use bigger pieces, but to give the illusion that there is more space, make sure the frame structure isn't too bulky and has more of a slimline style. To create even more space you could choose a sofa that has space between the seat and the ground. This will open the space up and not make the sofa look like it is too big.

Use the height of the ceiling to your advantage, by using pendant lights to draw the eye upwards. You can also use ceiling to floor length curtains and build your kitchen cabinets up to the ceiling to create vertical lines that can help make the space look bigger, and is also good for extra storage space.
Using glass furniture can trick they eye and give the illusion of more space than there actually is. You can also hang mirrors, instead of artwork as these will create reflections and bounce light within the space.

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