Spilling The Tea With Our Designers

This month we thought we would switch up the style of our blogs and give you a bit of an insight into the personalities of our team... Some of these are pretty interesting and sure to give you a giggle, so let's get straight into it!

I'll start by picking on our newest team member, Ellen.

Ellen Tosiani

Ellen started with Tailored Space earlier this year as our Showroom Manager. Before I asked her to write down her '5 things you need to know about me' I thought I knew her pretty well... turns out, no!

1. I'm a bit of a perfectionist - There is a 50/50 chance you either love this or hate this about me

2. I am very determined - I have big plans for my future in the Interior Design Industry

3. Diligent - I will put in 100% effort into any project that comes my way

4. Bad Habit? I don't know if you could call this a bad habit, because I feel good when I am doing it (lol) but I am an avid tv show binge watcher in my spare time and get easily hooked on a good tv show. (Suggestions? send them my way) 

5. I like to kick it old school when it comes to note taking and would rather write by hand then type on a keyboard.

Kristy Peard
Kristy specialises in build/renovation & in home consultations. She has a natural flair for styling and is actually in the process of renovating her 3rd home along with her builder husband, and two little girls.
Here's what she had to say when I asked her to jot down 5 noteworthy things about her personality type:
1. Very OCD
2. Love bad puns
3. Colour consumes my life as well as coffee and wine.. 
4. Bad Habit: None Im perfect - eating sugar 
5. Loves sunrises and getting up early for exercise.
Dani Teefy
Dani started at Tailored Space Interiors, to cover a four month maternity leave contract... She's now been here for over 12 months and has recently been promoted to Junior Interior Designer! She's full of life and makes everyday in the showroom a lot of fun! Here's 5 things you NEED to know about Dani:
1. Coffee Addict - coffee creates instant bubbly Dani and I can take on any challenge.
2. Talkative and Friendly - I’m know around the office as the chatterbox, I am a very open, caring and friendly person naturally and will drop everything to help others
3. Any spare moment I have its spent outside - beach walks, bush walks and catching them sun rays
4. Hobby - Cooking & baking I’m your regular Martha Stewart!
5. Bad Habit - Love me a sneaky chocolate treat
Bec Lawson
Everyone knows and loves Bec. She is the owner and director of Tailored Space and has massively grown this business over the years! I have never met a more dedicated and hard working woman! Seriously, she deserves some kind of award.
Here's 5 things you may not have known about her:
1.  I am a perfectionist and love everything to be perfect for every client!
2.  I have a 9 year old son who is my absolute world.
3.  I was an employee at Tailored Space Interiors until I purchased the business at the start of 2016.
4.  Our team is the best and neither I, nor the business would be what it is today without them.
5.  We are just completing building and about to move into our dream home in Casuarina.
Sam Goldsmith
Can everyone agree that's it's actually quite hard to write a blog from your own perspective and then have to add yourself in?! Well, I'll give it a good go anyway...

I've been with the business on and off for over 3 years. Started off in 2016 as the Showroom Manager where I completed my qualification in Interior Design, I was then head hunted by another business and offered a position with CRAZY earning potential. I lasted two months. Turns out money doesn't mean a thing if you don't love what you do. Bec agreed to let me come back to the business and apart from my maternity leave, I haven't gone, nor do I intend to leave EVER AGAIN.
Here's 5 things you should know about me:
1. Girlfriend is BOSSY! I can't help it!
2. Coffee junky... I need my daily dose, otherwise things will get ugly.
3. Super Friendly - Like I'm a borderline creep. I just love hearing other people's stories and how they ended up where they are!
4. Loyal - If you treat me right, you'll never get rid of me. 
5. I love learning - I hope I never stop!
So there you have it! I hope you learnt a little something about the team of designers here at Tailored Space Interiors! We love having your feedback, so please feel free to email us with what you thought about this blog, what you'd love to see and maybe even 5 things about you that will help us get to know you better:

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