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Spring clean! Tips to start you off on your Spring Cleaning venture.

by Tailored Space Interiors |

It's time for a Spring Clean!
We give you some of our tips to start you off on your Spring Cleaning venture

We are still in shock that we are in Spring already! This year has gone somewhat fast considering all the drama we have all been faced with. But needless to say, we are here, coming into the third week of Spring. The weather is warmer and the days are a little longer. And although this year has resulted in many being stuck at home due to lockdowns and restrictions, (which means many of you have probably already completed your Spring cleaning) we thought we would share some of our Spring Cleaning Tips on some of the areas of the home that may be a good place to start with.


Now that it is getting brighter and the days are longer, we want to show off as much natural light as possible inside the home and the windows are the first point of call to make this happen. So now's the time to give them a good ol' scrub and make them sparkle! 

: It is best to clean your windows when the sun is not at its harshest (otherwise you will be left with some horrid steak marks)- so clean the shady side of the house first and work your way through as the sun changes its direction.


A chore that might not get done as much as you would like because yes, it can be a very tedious task, but believe me when I say, it makes a HUGE difference (more so if you have white grout). Start with your bathrooms and toilets and make your way to your kitchen splash back and flooring. Not only will this brighten the space, your tiles will look like that have just been laid! 

Linen Cupboard  

Now that you have swapped out your winter doona for your summer one, it is probably a good idea to clean out the linen cupboard. Make sure to wash all your winter blankets before storing them, re-fold everything from your towels, blankets, bedding sets and yes, even that temperamental fitted sheet...
(Watch Linen House’s way here -

While you are pulling everything out to re-fold, take this opportunity to get rid of some linen you no longer need! Opt to chuck or donate the pieces you hardly ever use anymore (so you can make room for some new ones). 

Display Shelves

Spring is a great time to re-organise your shelving stations. Get creative and co-ordinate your bookshelves by colour, sort them by size or even get real technical and alphabetise them! As for the rest of your display shelves throughout the home, these are a great way to create little vignettes. The best way to do this is to take everything off and build back up - make sure to dust everything as you are doing this and wipe everything clean.

Tip: Pinterest is a great place to go to get lots of shelving inspo!   


If you're like us (and many other people out there), you have probably already gone through your wardrobes and made your ‘Vinnies’ pile of donate items that you no longer fit, like or use anymore - or if you haven't, definitely do this first! You could even adopt the beloved 'Marie Kondo' method of pulling everything out of the wardrobe and only putting back what truely "gives you joy".

Then, whilst everything is out of the cupboard, it’s the perfect time to go that extra little mile and clean the inside of the wardrobes - vacuum the floors, dust and wipe down the shelves, and while your at it, why not organise your remaining items?
 great visual impact is to replace all your mismatched hangers with new matching ones, colour coordinate your hanging items, refold all your garments and organise all the accessories. 

Tip: Containers or baskets are a really great way to organise accessories, belts, hats, bags etc in a neat and visually appealing way! 

Now stand back and pat yourself on the back for a job well done! 


There we have it! A few areas of the home that are a great place to start your

'Spring Cleaning Venture'. And remember to always do your research when it comes to what cleaning products to use, we are so spoilt for choice these days in terms of using eco-friendly/safe products.

The feeling of a clean and organised house is a rare one, but a very rewarding one. 

(All images above were sourced through Pinterest)

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