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Summer Interior Design Trends

by Tailored Space Interiors |

The temperature is rising, the flowers have bloomed, and we’ve completely defrosted. Welcome to Summer!

It’s the season for transformation. So, whilst you get stuck into decluttering your wardrobe and sorting out that weird drawer in the living room (you know the one; the one full of old mail, rubber bands, dried pens and random junk!), why not also give your interiors a makeover; just in time to have the family around for the holidays… And we’re here to help!

We've teamed up with the stylists from Weave Home to talk about five of our favourite upcoming trends you should be focusing on in order to transform your spaces and give them a well-earned face lift.


That’s right, we’re taking a leaf out of mother nature’s book and this coming season is all about embracing the rough edges, natural textures and a relaxed organic feel. Look to things like timber, wool, stone, natural fibres and woven textures like jute and rattan. Taking inspiration from the outdoors is a great way to add a little punch into your space, and using texture takes a room from a ‘two-dimensional flat’ feel and lifts it; creating a cosy more inviting mood. Get ready to see a strong shift towards crafted, handmade, artisan pieces! 


Photo of Tailored Space Showroom. Products featured are Santali Bed Head, Albany Table Lamp and Portsea Side Table. 

Isa, from Weave Home explains, "With much more time spent at home (hopefully!) in the Summer months, creating an environment that is calming, relaxed and pared-back is a very important idea. For this reason, natural fibres and materials are a popular choice.

Wicker, jute and rattan will still be present in eclectic, coastal style homes however we are seeing a larger variety of natural materials being embraced by all interior styles. From natural fibre flatweave rugs to sustainably sourced timber, nature will be finding its way into Australian homes more and more.

Further, artisan made furniture and decor will definitely be big with the shift towards valuing craftsmanship, authenticity and understated beauty."

The organic influence isn’t just inspiring our texture choices. As we head into this warm Summer season, we can expect to see lots of earthy colour being used also! Think terracotta, burnt orange and mustards, muted blues, soft greens as well as various tones of neutrals like soft pinks, clay, mushroom and sand. These colours are set to been seen in everything from wall paint, to cushion fabric, décor pieces and more!

When the stylists of Weave Home were asked their opinion on upcoming colour trends, they had the following to say: "Greenery is definitely here to stay! Our moss green velvet cushion has been a popular choice for customers’ Spring decor updates.


Photo courtesy of Weave Home, displaying their popular velvet cushion range. 

We also expect the Mustard trend to continue into the warmer months with contemporary hues of amber and ochre in style. Pair these rich yellow tones with softer coral shades."

Now, for many people “colour” (in the context of interiors) can be a word that brings a sense of unease and fear and is often overlooked as a way of elevating a space, giving it warmth and personality. However, with some careful planning and help from our design team, colour can add great wow factor and has the ability to totally transform your home. So, this season it’s all about walking boldly and unafraid into the world of colour! 

summer-design-trends-green-colourPhoto of Tailored Space Showroom. Products featured are Leo Chaise, Rukus Table Lamp and Sasha Bedhead 


That’s right! Gone are the days when concrete was bland, boring and exiled, only to be used for public loos. This season we’re set to become great pals with concrete and will see it being used in everything from bench tops to basins to baths. Concrete has an amazing ability to add texture and interest into your space. You can stamp with a pattern, polish it, or even mix glass into it.

summer-design-trends-concrete-basinPhoto sourced from Pinterest, courtesy of @concretenation 

We’ve all heard the saying ‘everything old is new again’ and the same goes for the beloved Art Deco trend. This season is shaping up to see a modern style of Art Deco, with its curved lines and interesting shapes, gracing our interiors in a big way. In a beautiful harmony, earthy colours with an art deco influence are set to be seen making a big appearance. Cushion covers, rugs, painted vases, wall hangings, art pieces and more is where you’ll see these two elements collide to create the perfect organic symphony.

summer-design-trends-tile-art-decoPhoto sourced from Pinterest, courtesy of @tilecloud


The last few months brass has been slowly but surely gaining popularity, getting ready to bump its cousin, black tapware, out of the 1st place position. Just in time for the new design season we’re getting ready to see brass accents topping out the leader board and adding a bit of the Midas touch to homes everywhere! Brass looks great in all types of hardware, from tapware, to door handles, light fixtures and across a variety of décor pieces.

summer-design-trends-brass-accent Photo sourced from Pinterest, courtesy of Weave Home featuring their gorgeous velvet cushion range.

Before we go, we wanted to leave a little bit more of information from our Q & A with the team from Weave Home here:

What do you predict to be this Summer’s ‘go-to’ colour palette when it comes to living room styling and why?

"This Summer we are seeing two go-to colour palettes dominating in home interior styling.

The first is a pared-back colour palette filled with elegant neutrals. Colours such as ecru, sand, mushroom and clay evoke a sense of calm - creating a sanctuary in the home.

The second colour palette we are seeing is one where tonal variations are being used together. For example soft mint green with darker forest green or soft pale pink with a darker terracotta shade."

Do you forecast any previous trends being left behind?

"In 2020 we will see a bigger shift towards customer individuality and maximalism.

The ‘jewel tones’ trend will be updated to a ‘mood tone’ palette which is more saturated and inspired by travel. Think reds tinted with pink, blues tinted with violet and purple-hued magentas.

We will also see a shift from ‘blacks’ to ‘non-black blacks’ - with lots more brown in design. This is following the narrative of earth toned neutrals becoming more relevant as customers are looking to bring elements of nature inside.

Scandi is being replaced with a more rich, layered and textured aesthetic. Grey tones especially seem to be moving towards warmer neutral shades."

What does Weave Home have in store in regards to the Summer season and styling into the New Year?

"Weave Home’s collections have always been inspired by the world around us and the the places we love to visit. In 2020, we are excited to be bringing new collections that continue this story of a global tapestry that embraces historical and cultural reference points.

Expect styling combinations of luxe textures and contemporary hues that come together for a rich layered interior."


So, which upcoming trend is most appealing to you? How will you try to incorporate it into your space? Let us know!

Our team at Tailored Space Interiors have loads of advice and plenty of styling pieces to help you transform your home and embrace the trends this upcoming season… Pop in and say hi!

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