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by Tailored Space Interiors |


 We have seen grey tones rule the design world for numerous years now, but there is certainly a demand for warmer colours of late, thus, brown is starting to make a huge comeback and we're seeing it used in new and modern ways; which definitely has our attention! 

This colour trend can be credited to a cultural shift towards the resurgence of the much-loved 70s design style; a worldwide phenomenon that embraced natural and earthy elements.

The colour Brown is often associated with nature, warmth, and comfort. Elemental factors that people are seeking to create cosy and inviting environments within their homes to create a refuge from the crazy world outside.

When incorporating this colour, it is important to understand that it's not about drenching the home in this palette (unless that is your style, then we say, go you!). However, like most things in life, it is all about balance and incorporating these shades in considered ways.

With its versatility and timeless appeal, the brown renaissance can be used throughout all different interior styles as there are countless shades to choose from - tan and latte shades look great in a 'Coastal' style, caramel and walnut for those 'Country' interiors, or chocolate and umber work perfectly for a sleek, 'Japandi' inspired home. 

We have listed below some practical examples of ways to use Brown in your interiors;

  • Style with vases, photo frames, coffee table books, artificial or dried foliage, just to name a few. Remember, these sorts of accents may be small, but they work wonders in pulling a room together; the cherry on top of a mouth-watering cake!
  • Light fixtures: Pendant lights, wall sconces, table, and floor lamps
  • Brown stained/ colour-wrapped furniture
  • Bedroom and bathroom linen

It was the visionary trend setter Lidewij Edelkoort that explained it so well, “Brown is in perfect harmony with any other colour, it even results in colours becoming more vibrant, because the neutral tone supports them.” She also stated that, “The main reason for the rise of this colour is due to the growing inspiration from retro trends such as the nineteen-seventies vibe.” 

Some of our favourite Brown paint colours from Dulux are;
Spice Nutmeg, Brownland, Chocolate Souffle, Smooth Caramel, Baton and Woodland Brown.


We are loving that this colour is having a moment in the spotlight and hope it sticks around for a long time to come! 

Warm, inviting, earthy and versatile... you just can't go wrong. 
So how about it, are you ready to bring in a little brown into your interiors? 
We hope so! 

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