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What Style Are You? Industrial?

by Adam Wright |

Industrial Interior Design can be described as a ‘warehouse look’ that showcases neutral tones and exposes structural elements such as ducts and exposed pipes that many try to conceal. It is a style that is minimalist with a focus on showing off humber, functional materials. 
The Industrial style celebrates sharp lines, stripped back surfaces and salvaged vintage or antique objects. Combining industrial elements such as smooth metal and textural, earthy timber in furniture & finishes creates an almost commercial look, which is popular when you are trying to achieve the ‘Industrial’ style. 
The ‘Industrial’ look is growing in popularity very quickly and is often seen in loft apartments, commercial spaces and now, more than ever in the modern home.

Let us create this look for you in your own home, learn more about our design services here. 
And browse our experiences with Industrial style below: 

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