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Urban and Edgy in Biggera Waters

A stunning, modern apartment, with views across the suburb of Biggera Waters... there was a lot to like about this apartment; however it wasn't showing its full potential as an empty shell. This is where our team came on board! As a repeat client of ours, the owner knew the power of staging, and how it can greatly increase interest and achieve a better sales result. Given the buyer audience to be marketed to, the property location, and the modern style of the apartment (and its complex), our stylist opted for a moody and contemporary style with a masculine edge to bring into the staging. Using and incorporating a monochromatic palette of black, white and grey with added pops of colour and depth using navy blue, touches of gold and marble. Black and white artwork, along with velvet and leather textures, further added to the interest and modern look. The end result gave a contemporary and up-market feel to the apartment, ready to hit the market and find its new owner.              Listed and sold with agent Brad Scott and the team at Smart Realestate. If you too are hoping to add some personality and sparkle into your property ready to hit the market, we can absolutely help. From full or partial packages, we can tailor a pack to suit every need and budget; helping you draw in more potential buyers, resulting in a faster sale and likely higher sale price. Get in touch today to find out how we can get you started.Call (07) 5523 9825, or email - we can't wait to work with you!