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The New Kingscliff Family Home

Our talented Interior Designer, Kristy recently completed an Interior Design job for one of her clients. It all started when her client was referred to us by Lorna Savage of LS Properties after Lorna had sold the client their new home in Kingscliff. The client initially emailed us to organise an In Home Consult and from there Kristy met with her client in their existing home to look over the furniture they already had to see what will work/fit in the new place. Kristy then visited the clients new home to measure up the space of where the new furniture, rugs and artwork will go. Tip: This is a crucial step in sourcing new furniture, rugs and artwork, taking the exact and right measurements will save a lot of time of going back and forth.   Kristy then offered the client our service of putting together a mood board. This is a great service because it helps our clients visualise the space better while also offering numerous options for them to choose from, which in the end makes the job of ticking off all those wants and needs for the family an easier process.      Email if you would like to find out more about our mood boards. ___________________________________________________________________   Clients vision: Kristy - "Their main vision was to incorporate the artwork from Anya Brock into their new home. I was able to work with these beautiful pieces from an artist in WA" Kristy's approach: Kristy - "My approach was to work with their Pinterest board and the new homes existing bamboo flooring and the Hamptons style of the home but making sure this worked back with the modern contemporary artwork they loved"  __________________________________________________________________ The entire home's colour scheme as you can see is drawn from these stunning pieces of art from Anya Brock. Oozing warmth through the rattan pendant light and the bamboo flooring but also channelling that sense of calm through the multiple shades of blue used in the accessories.