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All About Our Rugs & how to pick the right one for your home interior.

by Tanika Blair |

Here is a just a peek at the designs we have available in store. (you can see a few more on our website, but you are best visiting us in person to check out all the styles). 
The 'Coast' rug is one of our best sellers in our Designer Showroom. Its neutral tones means it can work in a variety of spaces. These including: Living room, under a dining table (because of its low pile weave) and even at the foot of the bed.
160 x 230cm - 250 x 230cm - 300 x 400cm 
(available in custom sizing too) 
This colour is: 'DUNE', 'Cape Grey' is also available.
Hand woven in India. 
Composition: 70% wool & 30% bamboo Silk.
Prices starting at $682. 

100% wool flatware rug with a soft textured finish.
160 x 230cm - 200 x 290cm - 250 x 350cm - 300 x 400cm
(available in custom sizing too) 
Prices starting at $630
You will think you are standing on actual silk! This rug would suit a space that requires the 'luxurious' look & feel!
200 x 290cm - 250 x 350cm - 300 x 400cm
(available in custom sizing too) 
Handcrafted wool with artsilk in New Zealand.
Prices starting at $2199
Add a 'Traditional' feeling to your home with this gorgeous, 100% cotton rug!
250 x 350cm
Prices starting at $899.  
A textural delight, the intricacies of this wool rug are evident immediately. The detailed pattern combined with the neutral colour pallet gives it space versatility.
160 x 230cm - 200 x 300cm - 250 x 350cm
(available in custom sizing too) 
Hand woven with wool in India.  
Prices starting at $693.  
160 230cm
(available in custom sizing too) 
Hand made from 70% wool & 30% hemp in India. 
Prices starting at $730.  


Tara Dennis teamed up with Amalfi Homewares to bring to life this gorgeous jute round rug! Perfect for a reading nook or in a playroom.
150cm diameter
(available in custom sizing too) 
100% natural jute 
Prices starting at $329.  

Highly functional but full of character and personality. This rug is perfect for a family with children, as it is 100% polypropylene it is easily maintained and kept clean.
160 x 230cm - 200 x 290cm - 240 x 340cm
(available in custom sizing too) 
Colour pictured: Chalk (other colours available) 
Machine made from heatset Polypropylene in Belgium 
Prices starting at $396.  

Another one of our best sellers! This is the perfect rug to bring the ever sought after 'Coastal' vibe to your living space. Inject colour to your home dining or living area with the bonus of additional texture.
160 x 230cm - 200 x 300cm - 250 x 350cm
(available in custom sizing too) 
Colours pictured: Smooth Grey & Atlantic Blue 
Hand woven, from wool in India. 
Prices starting at $484.  
160 x 230cm 
(available in custom sizing too) 
Hand woven, sith felted wool in New Zealand. 
Prices starting at $795. 

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