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How Property Styling Works to Maximise the Value of Your Home | Gold Coast Property Styling

by Tailored Space Interiors |

If you’re currently in the market to sell your home, it goes without saying that your ideal situation would be selling your home quickly, and for a great price - maybe even above the asking price.

It might seem like wishful thinking, but it’s actually a completely achievable scenario with the help of property styling!

Property styling essentially means furnishing your home professionally for sale. The aim of property styling is to increase the value and maximise the sale price of your home. But does it really work? And how?

We’ve been in the business for long enough to know that YES - property styling is absolutely worth the (relatively small) investment. We’ve seen first hand the incredible success stories of our clients from the Gold Coast, Tweed Coast and Byron Bay, with their beautifully and thoughtfully furnished homes being sold quickly, and allowing them to make a huge return on their investment.

But how exactly does property styling work to encourage a quick and profitable sale? Read on for our top 3 reasons why property styling is so effective.

Gold Coast Property Styling Packages

  1. Property styling establishes an emotional connection with the buyer

If a buyer can genuinely visualise themselves living in your home, this creates an emotional connection between them and the house - encouraging them to make a valuable offer.

Property styling helps to create a warm, inviting atmosphere throughout your home, with the intention of transporting buyers into the space - imagining themselves relaxing in the living room, laughing over the dining table, or entertaining guests.

A vacant home with empty rooms can be impossible for buyers to visualise themselves living in. Property styling creates a space that your buyers genuinely want to live in. And when emotional connections like this are formed, the house becomes more valuable to them, resulting in a higher offer.

Gold Coast Property Styling | Tailored Space Interiors

Gold Coast Property Styling | Tailored Space Interiors

  1. Property styling can improve any flaws or negative features

Small, cramped rooms, empty corners, old and tired furnishings… every home is unique and may have their own unique flaws that could impact your sale price. This is where property styling becomes your secret weapon!

A good property stylist (like the team here at Tailored Space!) knows how to work with any negative aspects of your home, while highlighting the best features with carefully planned floor plans and furnishings. We are experts at making small spaces look bigger, dark spaces look brighter, and creating floor plans that flow throughout the home.

While we work around any negative aspects of the home, we’ll also emphasise the positive features and really highlight the benefits of the space. When you’ve been living in a space for so long, sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes to really identify any flaws or features that you might have overlooked.

Gold Coast Property Styling Packages

Palm Beach Property Styling Packages

Gold Coast Property Styling Packages

  1. Property styling creates amazing photos!

Investing in having your home professionally styled comes with the added benefit of amazing photos. With most potential buyers researching online first before enquiring about a home, it's safe to say that great photos showing off your space are invaluable!

Beautiful photos are what will set your property apart from others in today's competitive real estate market. The quality of your photos has a direct impact on the kind of buyers you are attracting.

You can bet that poor quality photos that show an empty, cluttered or dark house will predominantly attract buyers on a tight budget. But light-filled, beautifully styled images that show off your fully furnished home? Now that's what will attract the right buyer to your property.

Gold Coast Property Styling Packages

Gold Coast Property Styling Packages

Here at Tailored Space Interiors, we are committed to creating a positive selling experience for our clients, from the Gold Coast and Tweed Coast to Byron Bay. We help clients sell their homes quickly (in some cases within just 3 weeks!) and for the best price possible. If you’ve been considering property styling to prepare your own home for a quick sale, get in touch with our team today for a consultation.

We have a range of beautiful furniture hire packages to suit any space. You can view more of our completed property styling projects here!

Gold Coast Property Styling Packages

Gold Coast Property Styling Packages


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