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How to Choose the Right Accessories for Your Home! With Amalfi Homewares

by Tailored Space Interiors |

Here at Tailored Space Interiors, it’s safe to say we are well and truly homewares-obsessed! From textured vases to statement table lamps and wall decor, we love using homewares to add colour, detail and personality into any space.

Simple tips for choosing the right accessories for your home! With Amalfi Homewares and Tailored Space Interiors

Decorating with homewares is the perfect way to put your own unique stamp on your styling and create a beautiful home environment. But with so many options out there, how do you choose the right accessories to complement your existing interiors?

We thought this would be the perfect topic to explore with one of our favourite suppliers, Amalfi Homewares - known Australia-wide as the leaders in style with their modern, on-trend selection of decor and accessories.

We love stocking the beautiful range from Amalfi in our designer showroom and online store, and were lucky enough to chat to the team who shared their top tips and expert advice on choosing the right accessories for your home.

Keep reading for some behind-the-scenes insight from the Amalfi Homewares team, including their top trend predictions for 2018!

How to choose homewares and accessories! Tailored Space Interiors

Why are accessories so important for interior design?

Just like we wear clothing, jewellery and other accessories to express who we are – the home provides an opportunity to create a sanctuary true to us. It’s accessories and homewares that add personality to your space, reflective of your personal style.

What kind of elements should be considered when choosing accessories for your home?

First off, cushions add texture and create a cosy feel. They are also an affordable way to refresh décor without having to touch the pricier, more permanent features like furniture.

Mirrors provide two big benefits – opening up your space whilst also reflecting light. Wall art adds colour and helps to fill areas that seem a bit lacklustre. Also, lamps add layers of warmth and help build a noticeable mood that ceiling lighting does not address in the same way.

Gold Coast Homewares and Accessories Tailored Space Interiors

Gold Coast Homewares Store Tailored Space Interiors

What are your tips for choosing accessories that work well together?

  • Add a combination of pieces that are reflective of your personality and are on trend.
  • Coordinate without over styling… nobody wants clutter! Creating a little “vignette” of decorative pieces makes a focal point whilst not spreading clutter around.
  • Choose colours that work well with your space. 

What trends are you predicting for accessories and decor in 2018?

Textures, earthy tones, mixed materials, eclectic mix of pieces and handcrafted elements!

Gold Coast Wall Art Homewares Decor
Gold Coast Homewares Furniture Decor Tailored Space Interiors

A huge thanks to the expert team at Amalfi Homewares for sharing their top tips and tricks on all things accessories! You can check out our range of decor and accessories online, or in-store at our Tweed Heads showroom.

Ps. Don’t forget we now offer AfterPay, so you can buy now and pay later!

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