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How To: Neutrals Trend!

by Tailored Space Interiors |

So you've seen it sweeping the nation... far and wide people are catching on and joining the craze. With everyone from celebs to your Average Joe down the street embracing it and it's become quite the hot topic right now! But no, it's not the summer flu. 

In fact, quite unlike the flu, this is the kind of thing that will be great in your home too! It is, of course, neutrals.

But how can you make sure you're doing it well? We're here to help walk you through this big trend and let you in on how you can incorporate it successfully into your home... 

Firstly, let's talk about the colour palette itself. It's a common misconception for many that "neutrals" mean a big ol' beige party! But this is definitely not true. Whilst it is a colour palette that is more muted, it is certainly not meant to be all one shade of nude.  

Image via: Three Birds Renovation - "House 10"neutrals-trend-how-to-living-room-design-texture.jpeg

When 'nailing' the palette for this style it's all about using various shades of nudes, naturals, greys and whites. It's meant to be mixed up! Using too much white and grey will, of course, make your space feel 'cold'... so warm it up by adding in various wooden tones with rattan, handmade pieces, and even gorgeous timber floorboards. Beautiful! 

Image via Tailored Space Interiorsneutrals-blog-how-to-dining-decor-lounge-decoration.png

Next, texture, texture, texture! Make it your best friend! 
Using different 'raw' materials and various textures are the perfect way to add interest to a more neutral space. Not only are textured pieces great to touch, but they are also great to look at too and within a more muted palette such as this it adds interest and depth. 
Think of things like wool, and rattan, linen or concrete. Be on the lookout for frayed edging, material and linens with a 'vein' and handmade pieces.
Textured decor pieces can come in everything from rugs to vases, lamps and pendants, cushions, bed heads and more! 

Images via Tailored Space Interiorsneutrals-trend-how-to-bedroom-design-texture-rattan.jpg

Lastly, add a pop of colour. Nothing too outrageous (or do! it is after all your space, make it your own), this style is, of course, meant to be muted. However, even a small pop of colour such as some deep tan cushions, pink florals or an interesting art print can definitely add beautiful interest into the room.

However, if you're one who is a little afraid or indecisive when it comes to colour, then there is, of course, our good friend greenery! You can never go wrong in a neutral space by bringing a few 'plant babies' into your life. Whether you're a green thumb type or not there is an amazing range of beautiful real and fake indoor plants out there to choose from (shop our range here!). From large to small, you're sure to find one that fits your room perfectly. 

Images via Pinterest via Kyal and Kara neutrals-blog-how-to-bedroom-sitting-area-retreat.png


Personally, we are loving this trend. There's nothing like creating a home that is calm, welcoming and cosy using soft colours and interesting textures. Furthermore, even though it has a muted palette, it's the kind of style you can definitely have fun playing around with; experimenting with various shades and materials throughout your decorating. 

Are you loving this style as much as we are? Have you jumped on the neutrals train? Let us know! 

If you haven't but would like to, or even if you have but want to update your space, we have a great range of homewares that can help! Check them out here

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Happy 'neutralising' one and all! 

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