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Property styling tips & tricks for a successful home sale | Gold Coast Property Styling

by Tailored Space Interiors |

When it comes to property styling, it’s not just as simple as delivering a truck full of furniture! There’s a whole lot of careful research, planning and consideration that goes into showcasing each and every home, to prepare it for a quick and profitable sale.

As property stylists, it’s our job to know exactly how to maximise the value of every home we work on. Due to our many years of experience and expertise, and many successful projects now under our belt, it’s safe to say we a few tips and tricks to keep in mind to prepare a beautiful home for sale. Read on for a few of the most important!

Gold Coast property styling | Furniture hire packages

  1. Work WITH the space, not against it

No two homes are ever the same. Each space has its own unique characteristics, so it’s important to treat it as such. There is definitely no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to property styling, which is why we have such a versatile range of furniture hire packages and short term furniture hire options to suit a variety of different properties.

With this said, the first rule for property styling is to work WITH your space and not against it. You want to identify the key features of your home and use your property styling to enhance and highlight these, while working around any negative aspects.

For example, if you have a beautiful view and natural light coming in through your living room window, it would make sense to keep your colours neutral in this area in order to better reflect the light. Or, if you have an awkward space to fill like the end of a hallway or underneath your stairs, you could work with this by creating an office nook to give it a purpose.

Property stylists are highly experienced in choosing furniture and decor to compliment an existing space - it’s what we do for a living! A professional property stylist can identify the areas that need to be highlighted, while creating strategic solutions for the areas that don’t.

Gold Coast Property Styling  | Furniture hire packages

Gold Coast Property Styling | Furniture hire packages

  1. Appeal to a wide range of buyers

It’s important not to get stuck in the trap of styling your home exactly the way YOU like it - keep in mind, you’re not going to be the one making an offer!

Instead of focusing on your own personal tastes and preferences, you should instead consider the current real estate market and what your potential buyers will be searching for in a home.  It’s best to style your property in a way that appeals to a wider range of people, to encourage more quality offers.

A property stylist can help in this situation by doing some market research to identify the current trends and styles that are popular with buyers, and tailoring your furniture packages to suit.

Gold Coast Property Styling | Furniture hire packages

  1. Make it cosy

Potential buyers need to be able to truly visualise themselves living in your home. When it comes to property styling, this means creating a space that looks cosy, comfortable and “lived in” - rather than a picture perfect display home.

It’s all about the finishing touches here such as fresh flowers and greenery, along with soft furnishings like cushions and throws. These small details all help to create a warm, inviting and homely space. Property styling is all about transporting buyers into the space and allowing them to imagine what their lifestyle could look like in your home.

Gold Coast Property Styling | Furniture Hire packages

Gold Coast Property Styling | Furniture hire packages

As professional property stylists, we know exactly how to maximise the value of any home by carefully considered furniture and decor. These are just a few of the tricks we keep in mind when we prepare a home for sale - and it works, with over 94% of the properties we style selling within the first 6 weeks of the sale campaign.

If you’re in the market to sell, our range of furniture hire packages have helped to furnish and sell hundreds of homes from the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Tweed Heads and Byron Bay. You can view more of our property styling projects in our portfolio, our get in touch with our team for a consultation to get started.

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