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Style your Coffee Table like a Designer

Ever looked at pictures on Pinterest, in magazines or on social media of beautiful styled and curated coffee tables? Maybe you've seen some wondering through a furniture store... and thought, "goodness I wish I knew how to style my coffee table at home so professionally and beautifully".  Well, wish no more! We're about to give you our designer top tips so you can. Whether a rectangular, square or round coffee table with these tips we'll help you style it up like a pro. Tip Number 1: Consider the Scale... Start out by ensuring you've got the right size coffee table for your space, and in proportion to your sofa and other seating in the room. We suggest this as a first step as no matter how well you've styled up the top of the table, if it's totally the wrong size and scale for the space it will take away from your beautiful styling and always look off. (Coffee table not quite right? Shop our range of coffee tables here). Tip Number 2: Work with both practical and decorative... Once you know you have the right size coffee table, you can think about what styling pieces you want to use... we suggest using a combination of decorative decor pieces, as well as practical items that are of use to you. + Decorative pieces such as vases with greenery or florals, sculptural bowls, coral, ceramic beads or chain links, etc. + Practical items could include candles; either tapered in nice candle sticks, or pretty jar'd pillar candles (these are both decorative and useful!), wick scissors (again, both decorative and useful), coasters, coffee table books or professional printed photo books that you'd like to flick through and/or show friends. + Think about items that will help you to create varying heights within your decor clusters.... Vases of varying heights small, medium and large. Choose 1 or more books to stack and additional decor items in a range of sizes.  + Choose items that compliment and match the colours and style of your exisiting space; look at the colours and style used within the artwork and decorative cushions of the room. + Find items that add texture and interest. This can be in the form of a timber bowl, a woven wicker tray, a piece of coral, a gold brass or black metal candle stick etc.  (images below sourced from Pinterest, showing practical and decorative combinations)    Tip Number 3: Consider the shape... Is your coffee table round, rectangular or square? The shape will help you determine how you arrange your styling items. + Round coffee table: arrange and group your items in a triangle shape in the centre of the table. + Rectangular coffee table: arrange and/or group your items in either a square, a triangle or in 2 or 3 small cluster across the centre of the table lengthways. + Square coffee table: arrange in either a triangle or square grouping in the centre, or in 4 small clusters in each corner (this also works well for large rectangular coffee tables).    Tip Number 4: Get Styling! Start off with your bigger items - whether that's a tall vase, a stack of books or a large piece coral. Place that where you'd like and then use the other smaller items to fill in. + Place items in a cluster (in tall, medium, short) onto a coffee table book or a tray to create a more considered, uncluttered and grounded look. + Work in pairs or odd numbers. Create clusters with an odd number of items such as 3 various height vases or a stack of books, with a piece of coral and a candle placed on top, or a pair of candle sticks with taper candles. + Most of all, have a play! Styling is all about playing around with your varying items, trying out different clusters and varying placements until you find a combination that appeals to you and looks considered.    Feeling ready to tackle your space and spruce up that coffee table, but need some updated items to do so? Why not pop by the store to take a look at the many decor items, perfect to help you create a beautiful room. We've got lots coffee tables to choose from to! Find us at 1/13-21 Greenway Dr, Tweed Heads South. 9am - 5pm Weekdays, and 10am - 3pm Saturdays.  Or, shop online anytime!    Still not feeling confident, or maybe you'd prefer someone else to do it for you? That's okay! We're here to help. Get in touch today to find out how our team of qualified designers can help you turn your home into an oasis that feels calming, considered, and perfectly suited to your needs and style. Whether it be a few spaces in your home, or the whole lot, top to bottom...  We'd love to work with you! Email: 07 5523 9825