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Define & Create Your Dream Interior Style

This month we are talking you through some of the most well known and used Design Interior Styles... highlighting their main characteristics and features; and what you can do to create the look for yourself. We're giving you the know-how to create your own beautiful space, by first figuring out your own design style. Knowing what design style direction you're heading in will help with each of your design decisions and selections...    COASTALThere are so many versions of the Coastal Interior Style, but we will just break it down to 2 sub-styles of Coastal that we find the most sought after;  Modern/Contemporary CoastalInspired by the organic colours and textures of nature, contemporary coastal décor might include light woods, baskets, natural fibre rugs, woven light fixtures, various shades of blue, grey, white, and neutrals. It abodes an abundance of natural light that can be filtered through sheer linen curtains.The perfect colour palette that embodies the Modern Coastal style, is to start with a background of white walls, as well as soft natural colours to resemble the sand and sky. Light sage greens and duck egg blues are the perfect feature colours to include and inject throughout the home. Think soothing, the perfect adjective to use when describing this coastal style.   Coastal HamptonsA style that takes its cues from the homes found in the wealthy coastal pocket on the United State’s eastern seaboard. The Hamptons styles evokes a lifestyle of a relaxed and coastal sophistication. It is an Interior Style that us Australians have happily adopted and made it our own as it is a style that epitomises our love for elegant indoor-outdoor living. In saying that, the exterior of a Hamptons style home is just as exquisite as the interior. Some key elements to help you achieve this will be using - Weatherboard-style cladding, a gabled roof with contrast trims, large windows with plantation shutters dressing the inside, a timber balustrade painted white that wraps around a front porch and upstairs balcony.    MODERN FARMHOUSEThis style tends to reflect the aesthetics of rural architecture, it also embraces modern comforts, creating a look that feels both cozy and stylish. The Modern Farmhouse style blends traditional farmhouse decor with contemporary design, furnishings and colour schemes. It is a celebration of natural materials like wood, stone and metals, and allows you to embrace tradition and surround yourself with decor that makes you feel good. Everything should be tactile and tangible.  How to create this look?When it comes to designing and styling a farmhouse, there really is no one way to create the farmhouse style. However there is some key elements:  Think warm and cool neutrals; bringing in cream, beige, brown, grey, white, and natural, earthy tones like blues, greens, yellows and dark orange. Exposed wood beams and VJ Panelling  Large scale and comfortable furniture  Barn doors  Exposed shelving  Farmhouse decor ideas embody a simplistic, rustic elegance that can establish a timeless design in homes both traditional and modern. It is certainly a style that is as much a lifestyle, as its design aesthetic.   AUSTRALIANAAn Interior style that is diverse within households across Australia, as it is a style that is earthy, moody and packed with cosiness and inspired by nature. Taking inspiration from our magnificent, picturesque landscapes and scenery of inner Australia, the colour palette for this Interior Style is what makes this look all that more trendy. How to create this look? Start with an earthy colour palette. Think muddy, rich combinations; warm terracotta tones and burnished reds, resembling the centre and heart of our beautiful country. Bring tones of the rolling country hills and bushland  through stunning faded green shades, like Eucalyptus and sage. Then offset these tones with accent hues of earthy browns, muddy blush tones, cool greys, steel blues and deep ochres, all the colours that are seen through our native flora. Bring in depth with mid to dark timbers that have a visible grain within the furniture, cabinetry and flooring. The materials that you choose to use, whether that is the hard finishes (tiles etc), or decor pieces, work best in matte finishes, especially in ceramics... think of organic and raw forms.  Pull this style together, by adorning the walls with native flora and fauna artwork, and or the incredibly intricate style that is, Aboriginal artwork.  Embodying a sense of nature is key when it comes to achieving an Australiana style. As a nation we thrive outdoors, so bring the outside in! Flood the interior with as much natural light as you can, scatter plants throughout the home and design the home around an open plan living.    TRIBAL The "Tribal" interior style ignites a feeling of history and culture into your space. Bringing with it, strong patterns, natural woven elements and sculptural art, the Tribal Interior style has been an inspiration in the world of interiors and ignites the visions of Africa.  This unique style is all about connecting with the beauty of the world around us. Inspired by nature, you will find assorted raw handmade and crafted pieces are most popular in this returning style.  How to create this look? Incorporate animal prints or furs, grass weaved baskets and wall hangings, intricate sculptures, hand-dyed batik fabrics, stone pieces and worn timbers with elements of black featured throughout. Think hand crafted pottery vessels, beading, rattan and hand-stitched leather as added earthy interest and texture. Majestic ethnic artwork brings scale and dominance to a space and create bold focal points. Linen and desert colours are the more traditional within this style. However for a more modern approach, a ‘tribal revival’ you may say, would be to team these tribal patterns and finishes with exuberant splashes of colour.  Just remember, the Tribal Interior Style focuses on reconnecting with the beauty of nature, don’t be afraid to use plants scattered around the house and ensure the furniture pieces you do use, are ones of intricate detail, raw and organic.    MEDITERRANEAN: The “Mediterranean” style is drawn from the beautiful ocean-locked European countries such as Greece, Southern Italy, France and Spain. Inspired by the curved lime-wash walls and dome roofs of the Greek islands, along with the textured carved stone buildings of Italy’s ancient buildings and cities, plus France and Spain’s many stone filled villas and chateaus; full of interesting clay tiles and sculptural pieces. This style is characterised by it’s predominantly neutral colour palette, curved organic lines and raw edges, with lots of earthy textures and materials used throughout. How to create this look? Think plastered and/or lime-wash walls with arches and curves throughout both your architecture and also the decor.  Bring texture in with dried grass wall hangings, woven/rattan feature pieces and decor pieces made from stone and clay materials. Add softness and calm with linen furnishings and plush textured cushions; creating a balanced combination of both rough and smooth textures. It’s light, airy and relaxed feel make it the perfect style for any one who loves a calming interior style and give that sense of being on a European holiday everyday!   JAPANDI:The “Japandi” style has come about through a combining of the traditional Japanese styling and architecture, together with the much loved minimal Scandi style. Both styles which centre around simplicity, minimalism, organic textures and efficiency of space. Japandi styling is characterised through a combination of both strong and organic lines, minimalistic pieces, timber/earthy feature pieces and muted tones with pops of black. Think traditional Japanese gardens; which are designed to be calming with minimal but interesting plants, natural textures and stones, and oriental feature pieces. How to create this look? Firstly remember to keep it simple; this look is about creating clean lines with a minimalistic look...  The colour palette typically consists of white, black, nude tones, soft sage greens and muted terracotta/rust tones.  Bring the outside in with large windows that bring in plenty of light, interesting (but minimal) plants, and organic textures with the use of stone and timber. Add greater interest and softness with the use of feature lights inspired by traditional Japanese paper lanterns. The Japanese and Scandinavian styles are traditionally very minimal in their design; thus the perfect combination to create a style that is calm but warm and interesting.   SCANDI:The “Scandi” style centres around simplicity and minimalism; both in colour and texture. Traditionally it incorporates clean lines, a light colour palette and soft textiles. Though very similar to it’s cousin the “Japandi” style, most often the Scandi palette is tonally lighter overall. It is inspired the by the Scandinavian countryside with it's towering white trunk trees, vast snowy scapes and rocky mountainsides. How to create this look? Remember, Keep it light and airy… When choosing your palette stick with white and neutrals, complemented by blonde timbers and plenty of organic textures. Choose artwork that is simplistic but interesting. Bring in soft furnishings that are plush but in natural tones with a mix of both straight and curved lines. Remember: Don’t over do it; the Scandi style is all about minimalism and calm. The Scandi style is perfect for someone who loves a clean look and minimalistic styling, which still feels homely.    CONTEMPORARY: The “Contemporary” style can be characterised by it’s typically more cool toned moody and monochromatic colour palette, strong lines and abstract pieces. Inspired by the modern post-industrial era with a greater lean towards hard materials such metals, concrete and marble. Warmth is added through dark soft furnishings, deep timbers and metallics.  How to create this look? - Start with a cooler toned colour palette using black, deep blues or greens and grey tones. - Bring in strong materials such as concrete flooring and marble bench tops, complimented by metal and metallic fixtures and fittings. - Add interest with abstract artwork and rugs, complimented by soft furnishings and decor in bold, deep colours.- Incorporate warmth and depth by using deep walnut timbers with dark graining and pops of gold brass.  The contemporary style, although cool toned, is still inviting and interesting; and can give a cosy 'hug' feel from your interiors, creating a real sense of calm. It's edgy, urban feel make it the perfect style for someone who appreciates bold architecture and materials.    Whether you're looking to make some minor adjustments, or whether you're starting a major new build and renovation, beginning with the first step of defining your ideal/preferred 'design style' will help give you a much needed head start when it comes to making your selections. Understanding the style/s that you like and want to incorporate help ensure that your space will look cohesive and well thought through. Still not sure what direction to head in? Need some advice on how to make tweaks to your exisiting space to ensure it fits into your ideal style? We can help! Our qualified team of Designers can talk you through all your options and ask questions that will help you to define and decide on your ideal style. They can present ideas and pieces that will help bring your dream home into reality, creating a space that feels just right for you and your needs.  Get in touch today! P: 07 5523 9825 E:  Let's work together to make some extraordinary!