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The Tribal Revival. How to Achieve a Tribal Styled Interior | Gold Coast Interior Design

by Bec Lawson |

Photo captured in the Tailored Space Interiors Tweed Heads Showroom.

Our designers are predicting a return of the Tribal interior style over the next few months. Bringing with it patterned fabrics, natural woven and handcrafted elements as well as abstract & ethnic artwork. We’re excited…






The Tribal interior style ignites a feeling of history and culture into your space. Your typical tribal inspired interior will incorporate animal prints or furs, grass weaved pieces, sculptures, hand-dyed fabrics and worn timbers with elements of black featured throughout.

This unique style is all about connecting with the beauty of the world around us. Inspired by nature, you will find assorted raw handmade and crafted pieces are popular in this returning style. Think pottery, beading, rattan and hand-stitched leather.

If you’re stuck on how to style your tribal interior, then keep reading… we’ve got a few tips that could pull your space together and create your own tribal chic oasis.


Basket are a very common find among a tribal styled interior. These homeware pieces have no limit for their usefulness in a home. Style them in your living space with the coffee or side tables and fill them with cosy blankets or additional cushions. Keep them in your kitchen to act as a fruit bowl. You can even use them as artwork pieces to fill any empty walls. The options are endless!

The Tribal Revival. Tips on Achieving a Tribal Styled Interior | Gold Coast Interior Design - Baskets

Photo sourced from Pinterest.

Indoor Plants 

Styling your interior with the tribal look means incorporating features of the outside world and bringing them in! So don’t hesitate to go crazy at your local nursery! Just make sure you get the information you need to look after them. And if you don’t have a green thumb, go down the artificial plant track (no one will know except for you)

The Tribal Revival. Tips on Achieving a Tribal Styled Interior | Gold Coast Interior Design - indoor plants.jpg

Photo sourced from Pinterest.

Don’t be afraid of colour

Originally the tribal design was known for their monochrome approach to styling. Using mainly warm colours among a variety of patterns and textures. But in a more recent approach to tribal styling we are seeing injections of cooler colours. This style is all about authenticity, so don’t be afraid to add a bit of your own personal taste into the mix.

Ethnic Artwork

If you’re struggling to select pieces to fill the empty walls in your home, opt for ethnic artwork pieces. Artwork like this can be found all over the internet with a simple Google search. However if you are after more authentic and one of a kind pieces you might need to book your overseas holiday.

The Tribal Revival. Tips on Achieving a Tribal Styled Interior | Gold Coast Interior Design - ethnic artwork

Photo sourced from Pinterest.

The tribal look is all about authenticity and eclecticism, so don’t be afraid to inject a bit of fun and personality into the mix! This style is all about creating your own masterpiece so truly make it yours with a colour injection or statement piece of furniture.

I will leave this blog with one of the biggest pieces of advice I can offer from a designers point of view to achieve this style of interior… DON’T OVER DO IT! You have to find a harmonious balance of prints, colours and textures to ensure a symmetrical interior. If you need any professional help, please feel free to contact our design team at or phone us directly on 07 5523 9825. We do offer FaceTime and Skype consultations if you aren’t located in the Tweed or Gold Coast’s.

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