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The Spring Edit | Update Your Interior For Spring | Gold Coast Interior Design

by Bec Lawson |

We LOVE everything that Spring brings back with it! The colour palette, the beautiful fresh blooms and the warm weather! It also means a lot of our clients will be looking to ditch the darker Winter hues filling their interiors and swap them out for a lighter colour palette that screams SPRING!


Refreshing the styling of your home not only feels super satisfying, but it also helps to avoid your interiors appearing dull and dated. We are frequently refreshing our own Tweed Heads furniture showroom to keep things interesting, and to showcase the looks and styles we are currently loving.

The good news is, there are some simple and cost-effective changes you can make yourself to help transform your home and make it feel brand new! Updating your home design doesn’t have to be expensive, or hard work - it can be the simple touches that make all the difference, like switching up your sofa cushions, introducing a hero artwork, or even just bringing some plants into the space.

If your home is in need of a quick update, our interior designers have put together 4 easy ways you can refresh your home this spring! Read on for our top tips and some inspiration to get you started.

Update Your Interior For Spring | Gold Coast Interior Design

Inject a fresh colour!

When you find yourself getting tired of the same old colour scheme, try swapping out a colour with something brighter, on trend and that will ignite happiness within you once again.

It is important to feel happy in your home, as that’s your safe place so think about where you feel the happiest. Maybe it’s in nature so you could inject more green and plants into your home. Or if it’s by the sand and sea think about injecting a shade of blue into your interior… you won’t believe the difference it will make and your happiness will be worth every cent.

Update Your Interior For Spring | Gold Coast Interior Design


Create a more in-depth and diverse interior by simply adding more texture into a space. Maybe it’s the addition of a few textured vases or cushions. Perhaps you want to try your hand at some hand-painted canvases to swap out with your current artwork to get you inspired. There are endless opportunities for adding texture to your home. Just because Spring has arrived, doesn't mean you have to ditch the layers either!

Update Your Interior For Spring | Gold Coast Interior Design Textures

Swap room styles

Now this one won’t cost you a cent and a lot of people don’t think to try it!

Between all of your family members there are sure to be a few different tastes and styles. To create a few different looks in your home, simply swap out some of the colours, textures and patterns among the rooms. Maybe transfer the colour palette from your bedroom into the dining room. Maybe you could grab some of the kids patterned cushions and add them to your existing cushions in the family room to give it some life. You can do the same with the artwork and accessories! 

Update Your Interior For Spring | Gold Coast Interior Design

It’s Spring so don’t be afraid to style with brighter colours that you may have steered clear from over the cooler months.

Ask for advice

Host a ‘wine night’ with your closest girlfriends and get some advice! An outside perspective doesn’t have to come from a qualified interior designer (although we do recommend it).

If you are looking to transform your home and would like to get it right, our interior design services might be just what you need. Check them out here.

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