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Dream it, Style it, Live it

by Tailored Space Interiors |

Dream it, Style it, Live it
How an in-home consultation with an interior designer can change your life.

If you’re finding yourself unhappy and unmotivated in your home environment, it might be time to consider doing something about it. It is a proven fact that our environment can impact our mood as well as our creativity and productivity. 

We understand that some clients don’t have the budget for an entire home makeover, but did you know that simple and low cost changes can completely change the way you feel about and in your home. So if you’ve ever considered an in home consultation but aren’t sure what to expect, keep reading...


An in-home consult can be tailored to whatever specific need you require within your home. We’ve listed a few categories below to give you an idea on how an interior designer can help bring your interior (or exterior) vision to life.

Decorating to suit your tastes & lifestyle

If you’re still working with hand-me-down furniture and home décor, it might be time for an update. There’s only so long you can live with dated furniture before it can take a toll on your emotions. It’s been proven that investing in your home environment can benefit you on so many levels, so trust us… it’s an investment that you will NEVER regret.



Some colours go together seamlessly, while others work against each other and can be unconsciously over-stimulating the brain. This can make it difficult to concentrate, relax & even fall asleep. An interior designer studies colour psychology as part of their education curriculum and knows what colours to style together and which to stay away from.



You’ve got a vision, but you’re not sure how to execute it in your own home. An in home consultation will give you the tools on how to create the style you want. Our interior designers offer an additional mood board service that will offer recommendations on furniture, artwork, soft furnishings, décor and everything in between. 


Furniture Placement

There are certain dos and don’ts when it comes to furniture placement and if you get it wrong, it could be negatively impacting your life. Setting your home up to be functional and stylish is an art form, & if you’re not a visual person, you may have trouble in this area. An in-home consultation will include a full home assessment, room by room, and give advice on how to style the pieces you have and offer recommendations on what to add or how to declutter. Which leads us onto our next point…


It’s easy to get attached to belongings that actually shouldn’t hold a visual place in your decor. An in-home consultation will allow you to get clear on the type of interior you want and an experienced Interior Designer will be able to guide you in the right direction to achieve it.


For more information on our In Home Consultations, feel free to get in touch with our design team for a no-obligation conversation. You can also check out some of our recent residential design projects on the blog for some inspiration to get you started!


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