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Transform Your Property For Sale With These 5 Tips | Gold Coast Staging

by Tailored Space Interiors |

How are you going to make your home for sale stand out in the crowd? Because let’s face it… it’s stiff competition on the property market right now. You need to make sure you are taking advantage of every asset of the house to ensure you are showcasing all of its best features while subtly taking the eye gaze away from any imperfections. On the blog this week we are giving you 5 of our top tips when it comes to preparing your home for the property market and its sales campaign.

De-personalise & De-clutter

Keep it neutral


Keep it Light

Professional Property Staging & Styling 


Property Staging Install Completed at Banora Point.

De-personalise & de-clutter

Don’t give potential buyers the opportunity to become distracted with your family photos and eclectic artwork collection. Allow them to become completely entrapped in the homes features, giving them every opportunity to take notice of how the house will serve them and their family. 

Keep it Neutral

Do you remember the terracotta oranges and avocado greens that were popular in the 1970’s? Well they are no longer your friend and you will need to give them the flick before your property goes to market.

Give your home the best chance on the competitive market with a fresh coat of paint in a beautiful shade of white such as the Dulux Lexicon. A neutral colour palette will allow potential buyers to envision their own belongings in the home and could potentially be the difference between them making an offer and them moving onto another property.

5 Tips to Transform Your Property for Your Sales Campaign | Gold Coast Property Staging Pottsville Property Staging

Property Staging Install in Pottsville.

Where possible keep the furnishings in a neutral colour palette as well with just a few subtle colour injections in the artwork and accessories.


Put your personal feelings aside and consider what buyers would think of your hand-me-down furniture. Yes, these items are of centimental value to you and your family, but in their eyes just looks like furniture purchased from a second-hand shop.

If you’re working within a budget and cannot afford to replace every item in your home. Consider upgrading the living and dining spaces. These are the areas that potential buyers look at closely when inspecting properties to buy. If new furniture is out of the question simply modernise with accessories.

Keep it Light

How do you feel when you walk into a dull, dark room? Do you feel welcome? Is it an inviting space? No. So when preparing your home for the property market and your sales campaign consider the lighting in each space.

Bright & light = happy, inviting and welcoming space. This is exactly the feeling you want to give potential buyers.

5 Tips to Transform Your Property for Your Sales Campaign | Gold Coast Property Staging and styling

Photo sourced from Pinterest.

If natural lighting isn’t a possibility, then substitute with artificial lighting. Steer away from darker colours and keep things light and bright with a neutral colour palette. Allowing each room to emanate fresh, bright and welcoming vibes. Lighting can actually be the driving force behind behind potential buyers making an offer.

Professional Property Staging & Styling

If you’re struggling to make the tough design decisions and want to take the stress and pressure out of the equation, consider engaging a professional property staging company.

Allow a team of experienced designers to furnish, re-style and modernise your home. With a quick turn around and options to work within a budget, property staging services might be just what your home needs to give it an edge in this competitive market.

5 Tips to Transform Your Property for Your Sales Campaign | Gold Coast Property Staging and styling

If you are in the process of selling your home and aren’t getting any bites, please contact us for a FREE, no obligation property staging quote here. Our team are experts in styling Tweed and Gold Coasts home and have the agent testimonials to back us up.

View our Property Staging Portfolio here and check our reviews here. You can also download our property staging & pricing information pack here.

Keep up with our team of designers over at our Property Staging Instagram account here.

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