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3 Property Styling Statistics That Prove The Benefits of Home Staging | Gold Coast Property Styling

by Tailored Space Interiors |

As property stylists ourselves, we’ve seen first-hand the incredible benefits of home staging when preparing a property for the market. But, if you’re currently looking to sell your own home, you might be wondering if property styling is really necessary.

It’s safe to say we’re huge advocates when it comes to profesional home styling, but don’t just take our word for it! Keep reading for 3 property styling statistics that prove exactly why this service is just so effective for homeowners.

Property Styling Statistics, Gold Coast Property Styling

1. Property styling can boost the sale price of your home by up to 12%

Recent studies have shown that property styling can maximise the value of a home by up to 12%. This is a HUGE return on investment when you consider the relatively small costs of property styling in and of itself!

Property styling is all about showcasing the very best features of your home and making a memorable impression on potential buyers. Investing in a professionally styled furniture package means that your home is presented in the best possible light, thus improving its perceived value and ultimately, the end sale price.

Unfortunately, many buyers end up reducing their listed price (and often quite substantially) in order to prompt a sale. Instead of slashing thousands from your listing, property styling is a clever investment that can help you boost the financial appeal of your home.

Property Styling Statistics, Gold Coast Property Styling

Property Styling Statistics, Gold Coast Property Styling

2. 90% of buyers can’t visualise the potential of an empty or cluttered home

The fact is, empty or cluttered homes simply don’t sell as quickly. This is because the majority of potential buyers are unable to visualise the potential of an empty space, which holds them back from forming any kind of emotional connection with the home.

Buyers like to see and understand how each room of the house could be used, how their furniture could fit into the space and what kind of floor plan works best - they want to be able to imagine themselves living there. Remember, buyers aren’t just hunting for a home, they’re looking for a lifestyle.

Professional, modern and strategic property styling makes it much easier for buyers to form a strong emotional connection with the home. This emotional connection is what ultimately leads to more lucrative offers, as potential buyers feel a more personal connection to the space.

Property Styling Statistics, Gold Coast Property Styling

Property Styling Statistics, Gold Coast Property Styling

3. 98% of real estate agents recommend property styling services

We work closely with many real estate agents who continually recommend property styling for their clients. This is because they’ve seen first-hand the improved results that are achieved when a home is professionally styled!

As local agent Billy Jaz explained to us in a recent blog,

“It’s all about the feeling that people get. We can’t make buyers love or hate a house, but we can change the way they feel when they are inside.

When a home is professionally styled, it’s the “wow’s” and “ohhhh’s” that I hear that makes all the difference, and when the buyers look each other in the eyes as if to say ‘this is what I’m talking about!’. That’s the feeling that changes the game completely!”

With 98% of real estate agents recommending property styling services to their clients, it’s clear that the results speak for themselves.

Property Styling Statistics, Gold Coast Property Styling

Property Styling Statistics, Gold Coast Property Styling

Currently looking to sell your home? We have some brand new property styling packages available for hire on the Gold Coast, Tweed Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW. Whether you need your entire home furnished from the ground up, or some finishing touches to complete your home presentation, we can help. Get in touch with our team for a no-obligation quote, or view our recent property styling projects online to see our work in action.

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