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Coastal home styling: how to create the perfect beach house! | Gold Coast Interior Design

by Tailored Space Interiors |

Coastal styling is one of our most requested interior design trends, which makes sense when you consider our location! Here on the East Coast, we are surrounded by beautiful beaches, pristine stretches of sand and blue skies year round - so why not draw inspiration from this when it comes to styling our homes?

If you’ve been dreaming of the perfect beach house to relax this summer, you’ll be happy to hear that it’s not difficult to achieve a coastal inspired home with the right colour palette, furnishings and details. Keep reading for our top tips on styling your very own coastal home, and some beach house ideas to get you started!

Coastal interior styling | Beach house styling ideas | Gold Coast Interior Design

Choosing a coastal colour palette

Think about the colours you see when you walk along the beach - the sandy shores, deep blue ocean waves and crisp white clouds. These are exactly the kind of colours you’ll want to incorporate when it comes to styling a coastal inspired home!

Keep your palette light, fresh and neutral with plenty of whites, taupe and timber tones along with accents of blues, greens and light greys. White should be the base of your design, with the other colours helping to build on this.

Coastal interior styling | Beach house styling ideas | Gold Coast Interior Design

Shop the look: Havana sofa / Flinders Slat coffee table / Exhale Artworks / Rope deco ball / Assorted cushions / Enlai Baskets 

Coastal furniture

When it comes to choosing the perfect furniture pieces for a coastal inspired home, try to include as many natural textures as possible. Upholstered sofas in soft linens can be the perfect hero piece for your living room - we love pale grey, sand or taupe coloured lounge furniture for a truly relaxed coastal vibe.

You can’t go wrong with timber for your dining table, dining chairs, coffee tables or even your home office desk. Lighter shades of timber or a whitewashed look tend to work best for a coastal style - try to steer away from the darker stains where possible.

Coastal interior styling | Beach house styling ideas | Gold Coast Interior Design

Coastal Decor 

The same rule applies when it comes to your decor and accessories - the more natural textures you can incorporate, the better! Some of our top decor picks for a coastal inspired home would be jute rugs, cotton throws, woven rattan baskets, decorative vases and printed cushions.

Anything with rope detailing, driftwood or coral will also be a winner, helping to bring in those subtle nautical influences that work perfectly to incorporate that true seaside feel! Use these nautical pieces to dress your bench tops and coffee tables, for a look that flows cohesively throughout the entire home.

Coastal interior styling | Beach house styling ideas | Gold Coast Interior Design

Image via Karina Lee Chambers on Pinterest

Coastal Artwork

Including statement artworks is a great way to easily achieve a coastal inspired home! Try to choose artworks that include those shades of blues, greens and grey to add some colour into the space. Whether it’s an abstract painting, a botanical drawing or an oceanscape print, choose a selection of pieces that work together cohesively and then showcase these in your living, dining and bedroom areas.

Coastal interior styling | Beach house styling ideas | Gold Coast Interior Design
Image via Jessica Glynn Photography on Pinterest

Achieving a coastal inspired interior for your own home can be easy - just keep the above tips in mind to help you along the way. This design style is perfect as we enter the warmer months too, allowing you to bring the outside in and create a home that is reflective of our beautiful seaside surroundings. Our Coastal board on Pinterest is also jam-packed with beach house styling ideas and inspiration!

If you’re ready to get started, why not shop our range of furniture, homewares and artwork online or visit our showroom to see our range in person? Our interior designers are also on hand to offer advice, suggestions and in-house consultations - you can get in touch with us at any time for more information.

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